Classroom English

Gebruik deze 100 meest gebruikte zinnen in de klas bij de voorbereiding van uw les en oefen de uitspraak met behulp van de audiobestanden.

Entering the classroom
Good morning, everyone

Good afternoon

How are you?
How are you today?

How are you getting on?

Is everyone okay?

Are you feeling better today?

My name is

I am your new English teacher.

I’ll be teaching you English this year.

We have two lessons every week.

Time to begin
Let’s begin the lesson now.

Is everybody ready?

Let’s start.

Waiting to start
I’m waiting for you to be quiet.

We won’t start until everyone is quiet.

Stop talking. Be quiet!


Put your things away
Close your books.

Put your books away.

Pack your things away.

Clear your tables, please.

Who isn’t here today?

Does anyone know what is wrong with Tom today?

Why were you absent last Friday Tom?

Where have you been?

We started ten minutes ago. What have you been doing?

Did you miss your bus?

Did you oversleep?

Don’t let it happen again!

Simple instructions
Stand next to your desks!

Come in!

Stand up!

Sit down!

Put your hands up.

Put your hands down.

Hold up your books / pencils.

Show me your pencil.

Come to the front of the class.

Could you sit down please?

Please sit properly!

Sit still!

Beginning a lesson
Pay attention please.

Listen please.

You need pencils / rulers.

Repeat after me.

Let’s say it together.

Again, please.

We’ll learn how to…

Are you ready?

Open your books at page…

Turn to page…

You have ten minutes to do this.

Look at activity five.

Now it is your turn.

Classroom management
Make groups of four.

Turn your desks around.

Make a circle with your desks.

Make a line of desks facing each other.

Sit back to back.

Work together with your friend.

Find a partner.

Responding to questions
Can you say that in English?

Yes, that’s right.

Almost. Try again.

Well done.


What about this word?

Who’s next?

Sorry, I didn’t hear you.

Ending a lesson
It’s time to finish.

Any questions?

Have you finished?

Put your things away please.

Let’s stop now.

Don’t forget to bring your … tomorrow.

Let’s check the answers.

Leaving the classroom
See you again next Wednesday.

See you later.

See you tomorrow.

Enjoy your vacation.